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In today’s world, there are a lot of options for entertainment. Movies have entertained people since very long. But, in this modern era, the TV series have taken the center stage for entertaining people. The American TV series such as Friends, Game of thrones, flash, etc. have made a big fan following all over the world in the recent years. The game of thrones has been regarded as one of the most epic TV series created till now. The series has released 6 seasons till now and the seventh season is scheduled to be released in the mid 2017.

Game of Thrones - Season 7 DVD + Conquest and Rebellion 2017

Created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the series is based on the famous fantasy novel A Song of Ice and Fire written by R.R. Martin. The strongest part of the series is its storyline and the way it has been shot at amazing locations. The story revolves around the groups who fight against each other to conquer the throne of the seven kingdoms. The direction has a lot to offer to the viewers with a team of directors directing different episodes of the series. Earlier, all the seasons of the series have ten episodes each but, the Game of thrones season 7 will have only seven episodes in the season. The characters of the series are the most important part of the show. The characters have received a lot of popularity with the character name Jon Snow being the favorite of the audiences among the other characters.

So far, the series has the maximum number of casts recorded by any TV series till date one the cable TV. Even there are almost seven writers involved in the writing of the script. You can see the versatility of the series by going through the vast storyline. The series is on an adaptation of the novel but, there are some original contents as well. The season 7 has most of the original contents and some part of the story is based on certain novels. The season 7 of the series game of thrones is scheduled to be released in the mid of 2017 with the last season, the game of thrones season 8 to be released next year. The season 8 will be the last season of the series and the concluding one. Every season of the series is unique in its own way and has received positive feedback from the viewers as well as from the critics.

A lot of money has also been invested as the cost of the production of the series. The series has also received many accolades with the sixth season having the most number of nominations at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards. No other series has got such number of nominations at the award show and in addition to this the series has won the awards in different sections such as cinematography, direction, acting, etc. The Game of thrones season 7 is supposed to be of same standard as were its previous seasons and will dominate the TV world again with its breathtaking contents.

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